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Открыт набор на стипендию CAS-TWAS 2015 года.

Оригинал взят у who_stole_tarts в Открыт набор на стипендию CAS-TWAS 2015 года.
Как и раньше, подаваться можно в любой институт Академии Наук КНР. Сумма стипендии - 8 тысяч юаней (по нынешнему "рыночному" курсу - без малого 80 тысяч рублей "на руки"), цены (продукты, проживание и пр.) гораздо ниже европейских.
Кроме того, произошло очевидно положительное с точки зрения имиджа стипендии изменение: это больше не стипендия для студентов из развивающихся стран, ограничения по странам-участникам сняты.
Application Guide to the 2015 CAS-TWAS President's Fellowship
This Guide should be taken as a supplementary to the 2015 Call for Application-CAS-TWAS President’s Fellowship.

Ø To be specially noted in regard of the applicant eligibility:
1. Applicants from developed countries are also eligible for the 2015 application.
2. Applicants should be born after 1 Jan. 1980.

Ø To be specially noted at the stage of application submission:

1. Applicants are not required to pay admission fee/application fee/processing fee (RMB 600) for the 2015 CAS-TWAS President’s Fellowship.

2. The applicant should not submit his application via more than one institute of CAS.

3. UCAS is closely tied with the institutes of CAS. Applications either via institutes of CAS or colleges and schools of UCAS will come to our office finally. However, UCAS and the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) are two independent universities. Please do NOT submit applications simultaneously to UCAS and USTC.

Ø To be specially noted in regard of how to apply:

Please refer to the following as the 2015 application procedure.
1. Find a supervisor and seek for his acceptance.
A supervisor can be directly found by discipline here:
The institute can be found first by discipline and then search for a supervisor on website:


2. Prepare the supporting documents as specified in the Call.

3. File an online application and submit:


4. The system will automatically generate a CAS-TWAS President’s Fellowship application form and send an email to the supervisor at his email address to ask his favor to fill in the Comment Page of the form.

5. The supervisor will be required to complete (sign and stamp) the Comment Page of the application form and upload it onto the online system.

6. Upload the supporting documents onto the online system and submit again.

7. Send all documents (including supporting documents and the whole CAS-TWAS President’s Fellowship application form) in a zipped folder to the supervisor by email.

8. The host institute will print all documents out and send them to UCAS by post.

Please make sure the applicant, the supervisor and the host institute will do their parts to fulfill the application procedure.

Ø To be specially noted in regard of enquiries:

For any procedural affairs, please contact us

Email: president-fellowship@ucas.ac.cn


FAX: 86-10-82672900

For any technical question about the online system, please send enquiry to lxm@cstnet.cn

Ссылка на call for application: http://english.ucas.ac.cn/Lists/Announcements/ListDispForm.aspx?List=5f0a0b47%2Df973%2D40b0%2D91a0%2D5e4bdb2f6968&ID=166&Source=http%3A%2F%2Fenglish%2Eucas%2Eac%2Ecn%2FPages%2FAnnouncements%2Easpx


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